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Carpentry with high quality materials!


We undertake carpentry work with high quality materials!


Many years of experience!


With many years of experience in the field of carpentry.

12 months /year

Service throughout the year!

12 months /year

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The specialists for Yachts and Offices


We undertake repairs of leather surfaces for any type of boat or space.

New Service Repairs of Leather Surfaces

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The experts in boat repair and maintenance!

Since 1972, the company FYTROS E. MICHAIL has been active in the field of wood. In the early years it was mainly involved in the furniture industry. After a highly successful run & with the know-how we had acquired, we collaborated with companies (German and French) for the processing and conversion of imported kitchen furniture. In the 90’s due to the opening of the Yachting market, we were recommended and we cooperated with Italian shipyards for the maintenance and repair of boats coming to Greece. Making continuous investments in both know-how and modern technological equipment, our company now provides high-quality services ensuring the appreciation and trust of customers and of its partners.

“Personal contact is what ensures QUALITY & CONSISTENCY for every service we provide you”

Mfytros Methodos

Our Clients said

“MICHAEL E. FYTROS is one of the finest woodworking companies I have worked with over many years and jobs. I was extremely pleased from day one. Our project was a massive undertaking and they were on top of everything every step of the way.”
Cpt Hani El Hajj
“MICHAEL E. FYTROS brings a very high level of creative and business talent to their work. We were able to execute the project on budget and schedule. They are really the most professional in their client handling, and inspirational in their final output, that I have worked with.”
Maik Can • Yacht Owner

Reliable suppliers

The companies & suppliers we work with ensure the quality of the result.